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Charitable Purposes

The Tay and Earn Trust is a Scottish Charity, registered in June 2013. The Board of Trustees meets quarterly to review matters such as governance, accounts, policy and strategy and progress on projects. The Chairman also meets on a regular basis with sub groups of Trustees and Advisors to review specific projects. The annual accounts are independently audited and submitted to the Office Scottish Charities Regulator along with the annual report.

The Charitable Purposes of the Trust are:


to conserve, regenerate and improve the environment, flora, fauna and fish of, in and related to the river systems of the Tay and Earn


to advance the education of the public about the heritage and culture of the Tay and Earn, to promote and to carry out research relating to the sustainable management and development thereof


to advance community development and participation including encouraging and developing traditional skills and methods of working and living sustainably and healthily


to advance projects relating to renewable energy and sustainable resources involving or related to the said river systems


to provide or organise recreational facilities and activities, with the object of improving health and well being.


” Registered as a Scottish Charity SCO44062 “

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